Formation of Truth Doers

Who Should Form a Church and Why:

A group of like minded people should form a church when they realize that they cannot in good conscience comply with expectations of any other church in the community. They should form a church for the full expression of their faith that encompasses every aspect of their lives. That means that church must be open to the expressions of their perceptions of the community they live in and their attempts to be conformed to the image of Christ in all they do in the community such as standing for justice, truth, righteousness, morality, etc.

There is a recognizable body of people in Austin and central Texas that share a like mind to know the truth about the events that shape our life with our fellow man and so we can be good stewards and husbandmen of the vineyard as we have inherited the earth and ours is the Kingdom of Heaven. We have been given authority to be this people by Christ Jesus until he returns from his far journey to purge the world of evil once and for all. But until then we have a charge that we cannot neglect to protect the Gospel and to love all men as we are all made of the same blood.

This mentioned group of people have found that the churches they have been a part of are not open to this pursuit and have censored[1] and rejected them for attempting to be conformed to the image of Christ as a good steward and guardian of the vineyard. We perceive that the church has retreated from the world and has attempted to become apolitical without success but has been perverted and used by the antichrist.

We reject the false doctrine that the church must be apolitical as it is impossible regardless of what we perceive is political. Someone will make everything we do and say political. Attempts to keep the church apolitical has made the church ignorant and impotent rather than apolitical. We had rather be knowledgeable and powerful and theologically correct than be apolitical.

We have suffered in the church under their false doctrine concerning the condition of the Jews in the age of the regeneration of Christ Jesus. The church is blind to the corruption and sins of those who say they are Jews but deny Christ Jesus and are liars. And we have been persecuted in the church for trying to remind it of the scriptures regarding the Jews in the New Testament. The church had rather see us leave than hear the truth of the New Testament and stand for truth in the world. Twice in two years we have invited 34 churches in the Seguin and New Braunfels area of every denomination to seminars on the facts of 9/11 about how the World Trade Center was demolished and who actually did it and blamed it on the innocent. Not a single one made an appearance.

We have attempted to find locations venues to present the truth of 9/11 but those who say they are Jews but deny Christ and are liars have threatened the owners of these establishments and were successful at preventing us from obtaining a venue for these presentations. If we cannot express our faith in church or in the world we need a church of our own. Where we can present the truth that all men can learn of it and respond correctly and appropriately.

In essence, and in summary, we are already a church, we just don't have a regular place of our own to meet. Therefore we seek and ask and pray to our Father in heaven that he provide a place of our own to meet and perform the duties we see are required of Christians in the world today. Amen

How Should We Form a Church:

We already have the body of the church which is the believers in Christ Jesus of like mind regarding our shared perception of the role of Christians in the world. We only lack a suitable shelter to meet in which facilitates our need to present the truth to one another and the community around us and a pastor who shares our theology. There are pastors who are ordained of various denominations who might be willing to pastor our church. Until then we could take turns sharing our faith with the church and speaking on topics that impact us. We could also form committees that would deal with certain responsibilities that arise to continue the ministry of the church.

We therefore need to look for a meeting place that we could make our own without constant threat of being kicked out over the content of the truth. We also need to look for a pastor who would be willing to perform certain tasks within the church who have studied the word and who have studied problems related to the everyday life of the church.


[1] Avery censored for challenging groundless church literature adopting the government conspiracy theory with facts about 9/11/01.