A New Church Identified

1.   What identifies the Established Mainstream Churches:

In order to identify a new church one must know the identity of the established churches. The following is the theology that is exemplified by the mainstream churches:

1.1.            It has been prophesied in Revelation that Satan will conquer the world and is the master of the world until Jesus Christ returns to set up his earthly kingdom.

1.2.            Prior to the full return of Christ, the "believers" will be "raptured," or taken up out of the world by the appearance of Christ in the heavens or his partial return, for a short period of time in which the world will undergo the greatest tribulation. All Jews will turn to Christ for salvation during the tribulation period while the church is absent from the world.

1.3.            Christ fully returns to earth in his glorified body after the short tribulation / raptured church period and sets up his millennial rule over an un-regenerated world of heathens. Christ in his glorified eternal body rules his degenerate millennial kingdom with the aid of 144,000 Jewish saints in their glorified eternal bodies who were tried during the tribulation.

1.4.            After the 1000 year reign of Christ on the earth Satan gathers the wicked and leads a war against Christ and his followers. Fire falls from heaven and defeats Satan and his followers and both are cast into the lake of fire forever.

2.   Church Behavior Derived from its Theology:

2.1.            Resisting tyranny in any form or source including the de facto state and federal government is going against the will of God and unacceptable in church members. Things must get worse to the point of the greatest tribulation. Resisting evil therefore is evil and against God's will.

2.2.            The Jews are still the chosen and will always be chosen and even if they reject Christ now they will all be saved later during the great tribulation. Saying anything bad about Jews or the new "state of Israel" is unacceptable in members.

2.3.            Any suggestion that the military might be used for unlawful wars to take property and resources from nations that have not harmed the U.S. is unacceptable in members.

2.4.            Any suggestion that some representatives, officials, employees, agents, and soldiers, of the U.S. government were involved in the events of 9/11/01 is unacceptable in members.

3.   New Church Theology:

3.1.            This new identifiable body of Christians more closely resembles an earlier age of Christians where the members believed that Christ had already created the Kingdom of Heaven or Kingdom of God on the Earth and opened the door to it that no man can close and sits on the throne ruling over the cosmos and controls Satan on Earth and lengthens and shortens his chain.

3.2.            This new body sees the church as a group of saints that have been given authority to be good stewards of the Kingdom, which includes all things in time and space, while Christ is away and guard the vineyard and warn others of danger.

3.3.            This new body welcomes new information about possible state and federal crimes and conspiracies to harm the property of the people consisting of their life, liberty and possessions.

3.4.            This new body makes its facilities available to those who seek lawful government instead of dissolved government tyranny.

3.5.            This new body, more in line with the founders of the nation, perceives those who call themselves Jews but deny Christ as liars who have denied Judaism by denying their king and savior. Those who call themselves Jews but deny Christ Jesus are viewed as antichrists living under the wrath of God without any other way to salvation.

3.6.            This new body perceives those who call themselves Jews but deny Christ as capable of committing crimes of terror against Palestinians and Americans to achieve their domination of the world ruled from their "homeland of the Jews," Israel.

3.7.            This new body is not afraid of controversial topics and allows their expression within their church so they can determine the truth of the material. They are unafraid of any doctrine or fact as they possess eternal life and no longer fear death.